• New Journeys

    Since then, I have continued my new and adventurous journey and have found that each new instrument leads me to new crossroads of sound and expression. No two concerts have ever been the same. The title only remains: New Journeys.

  • Hommage à Mozart

    This first pianistic collaboration of the couple Martina and Chris Jarrett is made up of newly-interpreted piano music by Mozart, but also of new works inspired by the mastery of the Austrian composer.

  • Battleship Potemkin

    Chris Jarrett performs live to Eisenstein's classic silent movie (1925). Chris Jarrett's completely personal, partially improvised, partially composed score underlines Sergei Eisenstein's anti-militaristic message. His music is much more than an accompaniment; it is a personal comment, taking a stand for the politically oppressed and mistreated.

  • The universal

    The complimentary nature of this combination of great art and music is immediately evident. Jarrett’s music often touches upon larger questions and searches for answers, while Ksinan’s photography often begins with an answer - but never finishes without a question.

  • John Donne

    "John Donne" is not only an opera about the life of a genius (John Donne, English poet, 1572-1631) in a time of great societal changes - it asks questions about the results of political repression, and about the moral limits of adaptability; but also about the power of compromise and self-sacrifice.

  • Suite Grecque

    The Suite Grecque is based on traditional dance- and rembetiko-rhythms from various parts of today's and yesterday's Greece. Even though written for quartet, the two pianos bring a kind of density into the music that is at times almost symphonic - enriching the wonderful rhythms and melodic lines of old Greek music with new harmonies and variations.