the universal

the universal

Art and Music - with Martin Ksinan

The complimentary nature of this combination of great art and music is immediately evident. Jarrett’s music often touches upon larger questions and searches for answers, while Ksinan’s photography often begins with an answer - but never finishes without a question. Both artists deal with the universal and express - each with their own means and individuality – their hopes and doubts for the future of mankind. Both are, as well, as at ease with the questions of aesthetical balance and proportion as they are with the deeper aspects of artistic expression.

Chris Jarrett has also written a piano composition for Martin Ksinan's "Sowing the Seeds of Love" photographic trilogy, which elucidates and underlines the contents of Ksinan's striking visual world.

"The Universal" can be experienced as a solo piano concert, utilizing Ksinan's works as a visual "background" or as an exhibit in which Chris Jarrett's music helps to introduce the guest to the artist. In both cases, "Sowing the Seeds of Love", where the creativity of the two artists is interwoven, would be performed.

"The Universal" is a powerful unification of the visual and audial: expressive, provocative and aesthetically satisfying.