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Chris Jarrett

"As a pianist, he conveys a sometimes surprisingly bold, rough "Sturm und Drang." Jarrett and Ditzner maintain a concentrated and compressed texture."
Mannheimer Morgen 15.11.19 ("Variations for Piano and Drums" with Erwin Ditzner)

"He sets resting points next to and after the arabesque thunderstorms with wide, mystical surfaces or through magical song-like music. The music sparkles, fabulously, intelligently, brilliantly and artfully. Wow, what an evening!"
Neue Presse, Coburg 26.10.19

"Shimmering, ecstatic sound cascades in the trebles are just as much a part of this music as are grim bass rumblings played with untameable power."
InFranken 25.10.19

"Over the years, he has forged his own style, a very personal musical language indeed and without comparison. But it remains a style that pleases, seduces and subjugates. Chris Jarrett's name was not known to us before the concert. After the performance, we will surely never forget it."
L'Alsace 14.07.19

For decades now, the U.S.-born pianist and composer Chris Jarrett has been living in Germany. Jazz, classical, avant-garde and ethnic styles merge stunningly in his music. For this reason, he is often referred to by music journalists as a "rebel" against the "piano-establishment". The music of Chris Jarrett is vital and impulsive, full of breaks and surprises and rarely fits into the usual categories of the music industry. For Chris Jarrett, Frank Zappa is an equally valuable model as are the masters of the Baroque or the Renaissance. No wonder his repertoire ranges from atonal miniatures, to sonatas, film scores, ballet and opera.

"When pressing the keys with such energy, such pianistic fury, but also with such brilliance and subtlety of attack, while virtually incorporating the bulky instrument ... [he awakens] associations to the mythical Centaur - half human, half piano ... full of fantasy, original, bursting with energy and technically perfect."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung